Aug 24, 2014

Being featured on

One of the many great benefits on filming Youtube videos is the amazing opportunities it can grant you. Many Youtubers have taken their platforms and transformed it into a brand which has allowed them to receive incentives such as monthly revenue, become brand ambassadors and the opportunity to meet some amazing women who share a love for beauty and fashion. I started my journey three years ago with the intention to initially market my plus-size online boutique. However, it also became a personal hobby that I enjoy doing to help and share with others. So one can only imagine how excited I was when little ole me from Memphis was featured on one of the largest African American Woman's Magazine websites. This feature along took my channel to another level. I received thousands of subscriptions, press, and feedback. It's sort of a payoff for doing what a lot of people wouldn't dare to do.

My Woman Cave: Beauty Room, Office & Storage

   My introduction to the Youtube Beauty Community sparked a obsession with all things girly. I found myself getting more into make-up, fashion and home decor. Now three years later I am one of those girls who decided to open her life to the world. 

   My make-up room which is where I film all of my videos started off as a basic unorganized office, it was then converted into a guest bedroom which stayed cluttered with unfolded laundry. Finally I talked my hubby into allowing me to turn it into a beauty-room and the magic began. I must say I am very grateful to have a room to dedicate to all things girly and my daughter loves this room just as much as I do but sometimes I look at it and say really. 

  So this room began with the discovery of my desk which was found at my local Goodwill Store for about $40.00 afterwards I found the idea of storing my shoes in the 9 Cube Storage Unit on Youtube. I thought it would be a great idea to have a wall of shoes and I had been lusting over the Hayworth Vanity for about 2 years when I finally decided to invest in a quality vanity. Everything else sort of fell into place and I was completely obsessed with decorating my beauty room. Fast Forward a year later and I'm still working on the finishing pieces which include taking up this horrendous carpet and tiling the floor, finding a cute and comfortable computer chair, and a nice area rug. I also still lust over the Hayworth Armoire and Lingerie Chest but who knows what the future may hold. 

    So I share this with not my intention to brag but this space allows me to be creative. I personally believe that every woman should have a diva space. Rather that space be in your bathroom, a freshly remodeled kitchen, a craft room, a beautifully landscaped yard or flower bed or just anything that when you are in that space it makes you happy. A space where you can go to allow your creative juices flow. Most importantly a place on zing and a escape from reality. 

Desk: Goodwill
Shoe Storage: Closetmaid 9-Cube Organizer
Vanity: Hayworth Vanity
Vanity Chair: Ghost Chair
Mirror: Purchased at Hobbylobby
Clear Make-Up Drawers: Muji 5 drawer set & 2 drawer set
Lipstick holders: Purchased at Marshalls
3-D Butterflies: Burlington Coat Factory
Crystal Chandelier: Ebay
Eiffel Tower Lamps: Goodwill
Jewelry Armorie: Gifted (old)
Bracelet Holder: Ross
Necklace Holder: Goodwill
Desk Chair: This belongs to my dining room set
Mannequin: Hobby Lobby
3 drawer chest: TJ Maxx
Nail Polish Holder: Ebay
Curtains: HomeGoods 

Aug 17, 2014

My Wish List: Items I'm Currently Loving

A list of items I've been eyeing for quite sometime now. Just wanted to share.

1. Nars Sheerglow Foundation: My skin is a lot more tanned in the summer which results in my normal foundation looking to white or chalky during the summer. So I've been eyeing the Nars Sheerglow foundation and plan to visit Sephora very soon for a free sample to test the product before chalking up my hard earned $45.00. I'm interested in this product mostly because of the glow, as of lately I've been searching for remedies obtain a bronzed sun kissed look. 

2. Glam Glow Super Mud: I've heard so much about this skin-care product that suppose to be great for acne and dark circles. It's made with charcoal as well and recently I've seen a lot of skin care companies include charcoal as a skin care remedy. It's also available at Sephora for $69.00
3. Mackenize Child Checkered Dinner Set: Omg I'm so in love with this black and white checkered collection. All of the pieces are hand painted and so beautiful. I have literally been lusting over this little set for quite some time and plan to purchase a few items here and there to start of my collection.  

4. Pier 1 Hayworth Armoire: Although I currently have a armoire. I still lust of the mirrored Hayworth armoire from time to time but cannot justify the purchase. I do plan to past my current armoire to my daughter and that will totally justify purchasing this beauty. 

4. ZGallerie Abigail Coffe Table: The missing piece to my living room. Although looking at it now I think it maybe a little to big but I love the clean-lined contemporary look. 

5. Zgallerie Axis Floor Mirror: I absolutely love this mirror it's so grand and definitely a staple piece. I think I would hang it however rather than using it as a floor piece.

6. Zgallerie Raya Vase: I don't know what my obsession with black and white is but this vase is everything and currently on sale..

Mac Must Have Beginner Friendly Products

Hello beautiful girls, I decided to compile a list of my favorite Mac products that I've purchased several times. The idea behind this post is that going to any department store counter can be a bit overwhelming. Hopefully, this post can help someone become a tad bit familiar with Mac's products. The items that will be discussed are products that I love and use on a daily basis.

1. Mac Matchmaster SPF 15 Foundation: I have been using this liquid foundation for years and I absolutely love it. First a liquid foundation is best for me because it provides a full coverage. I suffer from dark circles and spots so I need a liquid to even out my completion.

2. Mac Mineralize Skin-finish Powder: Whenever you are applying a liquid foundation or concealer its always essential to set it with a powder to lock in the liquid.  I absolutely love the mineralize skin-finish although it is a newbie that was recently added to my routine it was definitely the missing piece to the puzzle.

3. Mac Pro-Longwear Concealer: If you don't purchase anything else on this list and if you are searching for the perfect concealer please try this product. Concealers are used to cover up dark spots or blemishes to even out your complexion. I also use it to disguise my under eye circles.

4. Mac Prep+Prime: If you think of applying make-up like painting you will know that a primer is a must. I happen to love Mac's primer because it provides a luminous glow and assists with providing a base for your make-up to glide on perfectly.

5. Mac Pro long-wear paint pot: I use the paint pot as a primer for my eyeshadows it provides a base for your eyeshadows to prevent creasing and to allow the colors to pop and appear more vibrant.

6. Mac Fix+: I use this liquid as a setting spray it can be applied before or after your apply make-up. I also use this to wet my eyeshadows.

7.  Mac 217 Blending Brushes: I purchased this brush years ago and still use it everyday. It is the perfect blending brush to blend out those harsh eyeshadow lines.

8. Mac 239 Eyeshadow Brush:  Perfect brush to add to your starter collection to apply eyeshadows/

9. Mac Prep+Prime Highlighter Pencil: If you are into highlighting and contouring this pencil is great to highlight those areas.

10. Mac Powder Blush in Blunt: I use this sometimes to contour with but I have a great e.l.f dupe for this product stay tune for my drugstore must haves.

11. Mac Dolly Mix Sheertone Blush: A beautiful berry-pinkish blush.

Aug 14, 2014

Mac Cosmetics Must Have Lipsticks: Beginners Guide

    I remember my first purchase from the Mac counter. At that time I knew very little about the in's and out's of the make-up industry and purchased a simple eyeshadow. As I discovered the Youtube beauty community I quickly transformed to sort of a expert about make-up products. Therefore, my make-up collection began to grow. At that time, I wasn't really into lipsticks however, I loved lip glosses but as time went by I slowly for surely began to develop a love for lipstick. As a result, I wanted to share a list of my favorite Mac lipsticks. 

1. Snob: This pretty and soft pink is a must have it's very feminine and girly and is considered a "satin" finish meaning it has some moisture and applies very easy. 

Also try: Angel

2. RiRi Woo: I absolutely love this color. RiRi Woo is a signature red that debut with Rihanna's first Mac collection. The red is vibrant and looks great on all skin colors. The finish is a "retro matte" which is a very dry finish this color has no gloss whatsoever which gives you a beautiful matte or flat finish. 

Also try: Ruby Woo

3. Violetta : Violetta is a beautiful vibrant purple that was initially a Mac Pro Color but Mac decided to add it to the website for everyone to purchase. The finish is "amplified" which is a creamy vibrant finish.
4. Up the Amp: This color is a softer more feminine purple and looks great on all skin colors. The finish is "amplified" and it applies on very creamy.
5. Girl About Town: A vibrant fuchsia pink that's isn't too bright but not too soft. The finish is "amplified" as well.
6. Cyber: A dark berry color which gives the perfect "vampy" look for fall and winter. The finish is "satin".

7. Candy Yum Yum: If you are into vibrant bright pinks. This is your color. Candy Yum Yum is a very bright and intense pink the finish is "matte" which is a very dry and flat finish.
8. Morange: This color looks great on most skin colors but it looks very good on women of color. Morange is a vibrant orange very intense and perfect for summer. The finish is "amplified". 
9. Blankety: The perfect nude color
10. Rebel: I struggled with this last one because there are so many great lipsticks but I choose Rebel. The name describes it very well. The color is a dark plum, it's deep and rich and also gives a soft vampy look which is perfect for fall and winter.

Aug 10, 2014

Wearing A Smile Is Your Best Accessory: Sundress OOTD & Urban Decay Electric Palette Review

Hi beautiful girls. I wanted to share a selfie I took on Thursday. I know selfies aren't blog appropriate and I promise to be a bit more professional going forward. However, currently this is a one-woman operation but I will be a bit more creative in the future. 

Well Thursday I had such a awesome day. It was a simple day but I really enjoyed myself. I decided to play in my make-up with the Urban Decay Electric Palette and a bright lip. I absolutely love the color pay-off from the palette. I always use either the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk or either Mac Paint Pot in Painterly as a base. Then I apply the vibrant colors. 

My outfit consisted of some very old pieces I found in my closet. I haven't worn this dress in years and although my style has evolved tremendously I wanted to reflect on the "old me" or "take it back to the basics". My inspiration was bohemian chic.

I think every woman should own a cuff to complete the boho look. This bracelet is timeless and will always be a staple fashion accessory. 

I found these old earrings in my jewelry box and it reminded me of the Basketball Wives era when everyone was wearing statement earrings. These are made in the shape of a peacock and the colors went beautifully with my dress.

I scored this beautiful boho inspired ring from Dillard's several years ago and thought it was the perfect accessory for this look.

A great foundation is a must for sundresses or really any dress. Spanx is my best friend it really helps to smooth out the imperfects and prevents panty lines and the unpleasant feeling of your dress getting caught between your butt.

Aug 8, 2014

Thrifting at the Goodwill 101

I discovered my love for thrifting about four years ago. Initially I had never been to a thrift store but my coworker loved thrifting and introduced the idea. When I first began thrifting I started off a little rocky but as time progressed I became better at scoring gems. 

1. Be patient. I've walked into thrift stores many days and didn't score anything. However, there are times were I've found precious gems so patience is a virtue.

2. If you find something you aren't 100% sure you are going to purchase it put the item in your cart anyway because chances are if you go back to find it later it maybe gone.

3. I've been most successful with thrifting during the week. However, you have to consider merchandise is stocked on the floor daily.

4. Most thrift stores have certain days that specific color tags are half off and most of the time this is during the week.

5. I've scored the most of my gems at the Goodwill. I believe it's because Goodwill is recognize nationally and people just automatically think to donate there or either the Salvation Army but most of my gems have been discovered at the Goodwill. 

6. Walmart donates items to the Goodwill. I have came across many pieces of furniture, grills, lamps, and etc that was donated from Walmart still in the box.

7. The Goodwill can be a bit more expensive than most thrift shops.

8. Always wash and disinfect merchandise you purchase from thrift stores before use.

9. Always inspect the item before purchasing with a lot of the furniture may require a new coat of paint or hardware. 

10. Don't be afraid to "put in work" most of the furniture I've purchased from the goodwill has required sanding, a fresh coat of paint and hardware. However you can transform dated pieces of furniture into modern pieces. The key to this is always check the quality of the wood. Some defects can be sanded out or painted over hardware can be replaced. Chairs and cushions can be reupholstered and picture frames can be painted. So always think outside of the box and enjoy. 

I purchased this desk for $30.00 at the thrift store it's amazing what a can of spray paint and new hardware can do. 

I scored these Eiffel Tower lamps for $12.99 and saw them weeks later at Homegoods for $30.00

The beautiful mirrored-frame mirror came from the Goodwill. I think I paid $20 or $30. It's a modern really nice and heavy mirror. 

 I actually found this egg today at the Goodwill. I'm not sure if I will paint it or keep it the way it is but it was only $5.00.

Scored this shelf for $4.99 for my daughters room. 

I paid $3.00 each for these wall flowers they were initially a vintage gold color and really outdated. Spray painted them black and they look like something I would've purchased at Zgalliere for $30.00

To add a little color to my office. I purchased these three items they were all purchased for under $5.00 each.

Which brings me to my current project today I found two pieces of furniture to go into my daughters room. I just finished painting them and once they dry I will replace the hardware.  The cabinet was $24.99 and the smaller drawer was $19.99. Again this furniture is very heavy and other than a few minor defects that can be sanded out its really good quality furniture.