Jan 3, 2012

Temporary Lip Tattoo's Funky or Wacky???

Temporary Lip Tattoos were first introduced to us when Kim Kardishian tweeted a photo of her black and white checkerboard lips. Following the trend Kim's sister Khloe then tweeted her photo of herself rocking her temporary tattoo as well. So what exactly are these temporary lip tattoos??? They are just that. These tattoo designs come in a variety of designs are for one night events (temporary). They are similar to the minx foil for the nails but these are for the lips and can be self applied and purchased at various beauty websites like sephora.com
Funky or Wacky????

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Anonymous said...

Violent Lips is amazing!!!! I have tried several of their patterns and they have all turned out incredible. Make sure you are buying the right ones though. I have found that the knock offs are highly toxic and wouldn't put those anywhere near my lips!