Jul 27, 2014

Great Make-Up Starts with Great Skin-Care: Freeman Facial Peel Off Mask in Cucumber Review.

So I've incorporated a few new beauty items into my skincare routine. I've heard so much about this mask that I couldn't wait to pick it up from my local Walgreens to try it. I got it for about $4.00 and decided to try it for a week to give my honest review about the product. The mask claims to offer a super-cooling quench and peels away impurities the causes the skin to be rough and dull. The mask contains cucumber extract and aloe to soother and moisturize. I've used it four times since I purchased it and I have noticed that my face is smoother and softer and my break-outs have decreased but I'm not completely blown away by the mask. I find it very difficult to apply because it almost feels like glue. I also find that it dries my face completely out so you must follow-up with a moisturizer. When applying it be carefully not to get it in your hair because that can be a pain and also you have to wait at least ten minutes for it to completely dry for you to peel it off. I still like to follow the mask with a final wash of my face to ensure I remove all the product.
Overall, I do like the mask but I'm not completely blown away by it. I do plan to try the Charcoal mask and the blue one (can't thing of the name). I like that it's inexpensive and can be found at your local drugstore (Walgreens, CVS).

The European Wax Center Review

  I decided to visit my local European Wax Center on Poplar Ave. The location which is tucked away in a shopping center but still visible from the road. I was introduced to the wax center through instagram (the power of social media) and was interested initially in a Brazilian wax but couldn't conjure up the nerves to get it done so I decided to take advantage of the complimentary first visit to get my eyebrows waxed.
I reserved an appointment online for my session and showed up a bit early to check out the place. I was warmly greeted and ask if I had a reservation once I got checked in and all my information was confirmed (take your id) I was given a brochure that provides information about obtain prepaid sessions that will save you money if you go regularly it was no pressure but more of a informative pitch. Afterwards I sat in the lobby and waiting patiently for my 5:30 appointment. While waiting, I noticed how busy they were and was glad I made an appointment I also notice that they offer a skincare and cosmetic line of products. After waiting shortly I was called back my esthetician was very nice and walked me through the entire process. At European Wax Center they used a four-step method where they clean and treat the area before waxing, their waxing process does not involve strips so they pull-off the wax itself (pretty neat). I noticed that it was less painful than my normal nail shop waxing and they esthetician was so bubbly that I got so involved in our small talk that the process was over very quickly. Overall, I really enjoyed my experience and told everyone I knew about it and also reserved my next appointment. 
We decided to keep the natural shape of my eyebrows and just clean it up overall I'm impressed.

If you're interested in booking visit www.europeanwaxcenter.com
This is not a sponsored review.

Weekly Round Up: Visit to Shelby Farms Park and Curtis Givens All White Affair

So after working six straight days my off day finally arrived. I decided to not waste the day in the house and to visit the infamous "sand park" that my daughter always asks to visit. When we arrived I notice how pretty the greenery and trees have started to grow at the newly developed park. I decided to take a seat in the shade while I watched Alyssa play in the sand. It maybe weird but I actually enjoy watching my little one interact with other children it's so interesting to see how they communicate and interact with one another. 

Every year club owner and party promoter Curtis Givens hosts an event filled weekend called the "Can I Live" weekend for his birthday celebration. One of the main events is the "All White Affairs" and to my knowledge he's one of the first to bring that event on a grand scale to Memphis. I went last year with my best friend Kimberly. This year I was invited by a good friend who hadn't never experience it. This year it was hosted at the Esplanade Banquet Center in Cordova and although I like the set-up of the Cadre better than the Esplanade we had a ball. I didn't get many pictures because I was too busy living in the moment but I manage to snap a few before I left home. 

I decided to wear the same dress I wore last year to the event. I wonder if this was a taboo wearing the same dress two years in a row but honestly I didn't care. The reason why I didn't care was because I haven't worn the dress since the event last year. So it has been sitting in my closet, and also every dress that I did want to order sold out before I could make up my mind that I actually wanted it. Nevertheless, I decided to wear again this year plus I'm not that known in Memphis nobody noticed. 

Dress: Curvy and Chic Boutique
Necklace: Ebay (J Crew Inspired)
Earrings : Chanel 
Ring: Makemechic Boutique (purchased locally)

Jul 14, 2014

Speaking life into existence: How I changed my life

The power of the tongue or the law of attraction is something I believe in wholeheartedly. Last year after overcoming a very dark time in my life I decided to start a self love journey. During this time I began to pursue spiritual enlightenment. I began writing in details the things I wanted to accomplish and begin to claim those things as well. Every morning I would wake up and speak positive affirmations. Things in my life began to change dramatically first and foremost I went from a being a very negative person to a more positive and optimistic person. I decided I would not allow people to alter and taint who I was. I felt better and was truly happy. People began to notice it as well and I began to attract opportunities that I had been passed over for years. Doors began to open for me, I began to attract the very thing that I exude and that was love and happiness. Again my blogs are from my personal perspective I notice that when I changed my attitude, thoughts and behaviors I notice a major transition in my overall happiness that attracted opportunities and people into my life that I had never encounter before or had been passed over for. Nothing in my life had changed for the exception of my thoughts. So even if you don't believe in the law of attraction, changing your thoughts and attitude about life can never hurt, being happy starts from within. I've learned there isn't anything of monetary value that I can purchase that can make me happy nor can I expect to find it from anyone else. I have to search deep within me and find it for myself. Once that happens you discover your self worth and begin to attract people and opportunities that you deserve. I've always heard that your mate, husband, or partner is often a reflection of you. It's very true we only allow and put up with what we think we're worth...........

The last year of my twenties: The year of 29

So I turned 29 this year and I thought this would be a great time to reflect on my twenties as I knock on the door of 30. My perspective about early adulthood is solely from my personal experience. However, I feel as if your twenties are honestly about finding out "who you are". I can't tell you how many projects I've started and never completed. Not everyone comes straight out of high school knowing exactly what it is that they want in life. Some of us (myself included) have no idea what their purpose is in life. It wasn't until I was about 26 that I discovered my love for fashion however living in a city with not much of a fashion industry I explored that interest through YouTube and blogging. After I had my child I discovered my love and obtained a abundance of patience and thought about coming a teacher however after recently I discovered that's not a avenue I wish to pursue at this time. It wasn't until my late twenties that I discovered my purpose in life is to merely help others it's not about me and I choose to do that in whatever way I possibly can. When I first started my YouTube channel it was created merely for branding and marketing however it turned to be much more than business although I know a lot of people don't really "get" the YouTube beauty and fashion community. I can't tell you how many people I've been able to help by recording a simple diy video. Nevertheless, my twenties has been about making a ton of mistakes, starting projects and never finishing them, changing my major for the umpteenth time, and truly finding out "who" Alishia is and what my purpose is in life. Life has thrown some major curve balls , I've fallen flat on my face, I've been talked about, lied to, cheated on, hurt by love ones and family, unemployed, depressed, sick, and a long host of other issues but I made it and through out all of those hardships it made me stronger, wiser and grateful. If I had the opportunity to give my younger self advice I would simply tell myself to live abundantly. I look forward to my thirties as I am now wiser, more confident and love the person I have become. I don't know everything and I'm sure life will teach me but I know who I am and most importantly I know my purpose.........

Jul 7, 2014

Two Weeks Round-Up

Okay I've been super busy but I'm back and things are slowly for surely going back to normal. I started the week of at the Cordova Weight Loss Clinic to pick up some Phetermine and I got a B-12 shot. I was prescribed a 30 day supply for $70.00 that includes the office visit and they fill your prescription for you or you can opt out of having them fill your rx for $45.00. This will be my last refill since my primary doctor says the Phetermine is terrible for your heart.
 I visited the $1.00 Jewelry Store off Poplar. I purchased two pair of earrings that really look like something you would purchase from J Crew or Beauty Babble. They have a nice selection of different jewelry. My daughter and I had lunch and McAlister's and I ordered the Grilled Chicken Spud with a bowl of cheese and she wasted a turkey sandwich.  

After that my sisters and I took a road trip to Nashville last weekend to attend a convention with my sisters of OES we had so much fun. It was refreshing to take some time away from life and have girl time.

When I made it back to Memphis I had to hit the ground running to prepare for my daughters 5th Birthday. I was on the hunt for some inexpensive mason jars for the party and after visiting five Dollar Tree's and being unsuccessful I finally lucked up on one that had a few in stock and cleared the shelf.

My goal for her 5th Birthday was to put as much attention to details as possible. Pinterest was my best friend while planning this party for my daughter and I purchased a lot of the decor from Dollar Tree and Hancock's. Here is my redemption of a faux lollipop wrapped and tied with a ribbon. I thought they would be cute centerpieces to add to the tables.

I decided to create a candy buffet so I stopped at our local candy warehouse and overdid it. We still have tons of candy left-over.

The Dum Dum Center Piece was the focal point of the candy buffet our guest really enjoyed these. I created them with a 12" styrofoam ball from the fabric store and about 250 Dum Dum's (minus the ones we ate).

I decided to make a tutu table skirt and rented linen table cloths from the local a party store. The background is make from streamers. Again I found all of these ideas on Pinterest

I decided to make a tutu table skirt and rented linen table cloths from the local a party store. The background is make from streamers. Again I found all of these ideas on Pinterest.

This is my redemption of a fruit shark another lovely idea from Pinterest.
I gave the guests buckets and shovels filled with toys and candy as party favors. I purchased them from Dollar Tree.

The grand finale was the water slide the children absolutely loved this thing it was the highlight of the evening. 

After all of that hard work I decided to treat myself to the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual sale. I was so late purchasing my items so there wasn't much to choose from but I managed to find a few goodies. Now that I don't have anymore trips planned until September things can finally go back to normal.