Jan 26, 2016

Travel Trips For The Everyday Diva!

Hey there beautiful girls! It's been awhile since I've post but I wanted to share a few tips on how to travel and save money while doing so. In late 2015 I developed this concept that I would TRAVEL MORE and BUY LESS. I felt as if I've purchased enough make-up, clothes, shoes and purses and it is time for me and my family to get back to our family trips and vacations. Now typically we take one nice vacation a year. Typically this is a cruise, but since the birth of my daughter we really haven't traveled like we use to. 2015 was a year of travel for me I had the unique opportunity to take 6 trips. Now 6 trips in one year isn't the norm for me but it was nice to getaway. With all that traveling I picked up a few tips for traveling.

Essential Travel Tips

1. Hotwire.com can save you up to 50% off on your hotel stay: I'm a avid user of this site and I've booked some really nice hotel rooms while paying half the price with this app. Now granted you don't know what hotel it is until the reservation is confirmed and you cannot cancel but typically when I book my room and flight I'm 100% sure I'll be there.

2. Book flights during the week: I've heard so many rumors about the best day to book a flight and fly is typically on a Tuesday or Wednesday. I cannot confirm these rumors but I typically try to watch and book my flights a month before my trip. Sites like expedia.com allows you watch your flights and will send daily price alerts. 

3. Timeshare Presentations: Now honestly I don't recommend this unless you have a good three hours of your life to waste at a presentation with cold hard selling antics but timeshare properties with give a great discount and sometimes even tickets to local events if you agree to attend one of their presentations. Now you must meet the requirements but it's awesome way to save money on lodging and its what I plan to use for our Disney trip.......  http://westgateresorts.com/offers/

Disney promotion: http://tiny.cc/2dfj8x

4. Traveling as a group can provide awesome discounts and flexibility on payment plans especially for cruising. With Carnival a group is considered the booking of 8 cabins and the leader of the group can receive discounts up to the ability to travel for free by booking 8 cabins. Another great benefit is the ability to make payments on your cruise and $50 deposits to reserve your cabins. 

Also traveling with a girlfriend allows you to split the costs of lodging which is typically the biggest cost. Most rooms can sleep 2 comfortably but up to 4. If you're close to your girlfriends you have the opportunity to split the cost of the room 2 to 4 ways. 

5. Take a road trip!!! I have a limit of about 6 hours and honestly that's a bit much for me but I really enjoy road trips they are great to catch up with family and create bonds. 

6. Stay with family members or friends. Honestly theres nothing better than seeing a long-time family member or friend and paying nothing for room and board. Now typically I still like to rent a car so I'm not too dependent of my friend or family member but its a awesome way to save money.

7. Sign-up for those sky miles and hotel rewards programs. Often they will provide you with discounts when you continue to book with the same chain of hotels.

8. Take advantage of employee discounts: Most jobs will partner with other companies to offer discounts. This can save you a few coins when booking your trip. Especially with rental cars.

9. Use your own car insurance when you book a rental car. If you have a low deductible you can save hundreds of dollars by opting to use your own insurance.

10. Designate a credit card strictly for reserving rooms and renting cars. Most hotels will hold a deposit on your card. I find it easy to designate a card specifically for traveling and paying the balance before the interest rate hits.

11.  Always travel with emergency funds because you never know when things may happen its better to be safe than sorry.

12. Download traveling apps: Such as Uber if you're expecting a wild girls night out and you aren't within walking distance call a Uber don't ruin your trip and life with a DUI. I also use the weather app to know what to pack. Trip advisor to find cool things to do and so on.

13. Pack Light: I remember my cruise I literally had three pieces of luggage I checked we spent hundreds of dollars on luggage by itself. I learned a very valuable lesson in packing light. Today I take advantage of carry-on's because I can use my $25 on a pedicure honestly. So I've learned to pack pieces that go with everything. 

Tips on TSA Approved toiletries: http://tiny.cc/10fj8x

Tips to Packing Light: http://tiny.cc/d1fj8x

14. Purchase Quality Luggage Sets: Invest in your luggage and you won't have to worry about it for years. We've honestly had the same luggage set since 2007. Granted its time for new luggage but nearly ten years is incredible. I normally see luggage sets on sale during Christmas and Black Friday. Macy's almost always has a really great deal on luggage sets or try stores such as Marshalls, DD's discount and Ross.

Safe Travels xoxo Alishia