Aug 8, 2014

Walmart Sells Statement Necklaces

I cannot express how much I love statement necklaces with a simple earring although I also do love simple charms necklace every now and again it's fun to jazz up an outfit with a simple statement necklace. So you can only imagine how surprised I was to run across a entire selection of beautiful statement necklaces at Walmart. Now typically I order the majority of my statement necklaces from Jcrew, Ebay or I purchase them at the Helen Brett Jewelry Convention. I've paid as much as $60.00 for a good quality statement necklace. So to see Walmart selling them for $10.00 with great quality I was relevantly surprised. 

Now I didn't purchase any this trip because I have a ton and I'm really trying to get away from hoarding or over consuming items because to be honest I'm running out of room. Therefore, I decided to find a way to store my jewelry so I can get the most wear out of all my items. So I decided to add the candle holder from Zgallerie and take a small glass vase to store my rings. The candle holder adds a pop of color to my room and allows me to organize my rings better. Now I just need to organize and move my necklace holder up some so it doesn't look so cluttered. 
Bracelet Holder: Ross
Necklace Holder: Thrifted
Candle Holder: Zgallerie

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