Aug 14, 2014

Mac Cosmetics Must Have Lipsticks: Beginners Guide

    I remember my first purchase from the Mac counter. At that time I knew very little about the in's and out's of the make-up industry and purchased a simple eyeshadow. As I discovered the Youtube beauty community I quickly transformed to sort of a expert about make-up products. Therefore, my make-up collection began to grow. At that time, I wasn't really into lipsticks however, I loved lip glosses but as time went by I slowly for surely began to develop a love for lipstick. As a result, I wanted to share a list of my favorite Mac lipsticks. 

1. Snob: This pretty and soft pink is a must have it's very feminine and girly and is considered a "satin" finish meaning it has some moisture and applies very easy. 

Also try: Angel

2. RiRi Woo: I absolutely love this color. RiRi Woo is a signature red that debut with Rihanna's first Mac collection. The red is vibrant and looks great on all skin colors. The finish is a "retro matte" which is a very dry finish this color has no gloss whatsoever which gives you a beautiful matte or flat finish. 

Also try: Ruby Woo

3. Violetta : Violetta is a beautiful vibrant purple that was initially a Mac Pro Color but Mac decided to add it to the website for everyone to purchase. The finish is "amplified" which is a creamy vibrant finish.
4. Up the Amp: This color is a softer more feminine purple and looks great on all skin colors. The finish is "amplified" and it applies on very creamy.
5. Girl About Town: A vibrant fuchsia pink that's isn't too bright but not too soft. The finish is "amplified" as well.
6. Cyber: A dark berry color which gives the perfect "vampy" look for fall and winter. The finish is "satin".

7. Candy Yum Yum: If you are into vibrant bright pinks. This is your color. Candy Yum Yum is a very bright and intense pink the finish is "matte" which is a very dry and flat finish.
8. Morange: This color looks great on most skin colors but it looks very good on women of color. Morange is a vibrant orange very intense and perfect for summer. The finish is "amplified". 
9. Blankety: The perfect nude color
10. Rebel: I struggled with this last one because there are so many great lipsticks but I choose Rebel. The name describes it very well. The color is a dark plum, it's deep and rich and also gives a soft vampy look which is perfect for fall and winter.

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