Aug 8, 2014

Thrifting at the Goodwill 101

I discovered my love for thrifting about four years ago. Initially I had never been to a thrift store but my coworker loved thrifting and introduced the idea. When I first began thrifting I started off a little rocky but as time progressed I became better at scoring gems. 

1. Be patient. I've walked into thrift stores many days and didn't score anything. However, there are times were I've found precious gems so patience is a virtue.

2. If you find something you aren't 100% sure you are going to purchase it put the item in your cart anyway because chances are if you go back to find it later it maybe gone.

3. I've been most successful with thrifting during the week. However, you have to consider merchandise is stocked on the floor daily.

4. Most thrift stores have certain days that specific color tags are half off and most of the time this is during the week.

5. I've scored the most of my gems at the Goodwill. I believe it's because Goodwill is recognize nationally and people just automatically think to donate there or either the Salvation Army but most of my gems have been discovered at the Goodwill. 

6. Walmart donates items to the Goodwill. I have came across many pieces of furniture, grills, lamps, and etc that was donated from Walmart still in the box.

7. The Goodwill can be a bit more expensive than most thrift shops.

8. Always wash and disinfect merchandise you purchase from thrift stores before use.

9. Always inspect the item before purchasing with a lot of the furniture may require a new coat of paint or hardware. 

10. Don't be afraid to "put in work" most of the furniture I've purchased from the goodwill has required sanding, a fresh coat of paint and hardware. However you can transform dated pieces of furniture into modern pieces. The key to this is always check the quality of the wood. Some defects can be sanded out or painted over hardware can be replaced. Chairs and cushions can be reupholstered and picture frames can be painted. So always think outside of the box and enjoy. 

I purchased this desk for $30.00 at the thrift store it's amazing what a can of spray paint and new hardware can do. 

I scored these Eiffel Tower lamps for $12.99 and saw them weeks later at Homegoods for $30.00

The beautiful mirrored-frame mirror came from the Goodwill. I think I paid $20 or $30. It's a modern really nice and heavy mirror. 

 I actually found this egg today at the Goodwill. I'm not sure if I will paint it or keep it the way it is but it was only $5.00.

Scored this shelf for $4.99 for my daughters room. 

I paid $3.00 each for these wall flowers they were initially a vintage gold color and really outdated. Spray painted them black and they look like something I would've purchased at Zgalliere for $30.00

To add a little color to my office. I purchased these three items they were all purchased for under $5.00 each.

Which brings me to my current project today I found two pieces of furniture to go into my daughters room. I just finished painting them and once they dry I will replace the hardware.  The cabinet was $24.99 and the smaller drawer was $19.99. Again this furniture is very heavy and other than a few minor defects that can be sanded out its really good quality furniture.

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