May 13, 2009

"House of Dereon"

This hot yellow summer time bubble dress will have all the bee's and men chasing you but at least you'll look HOT $69.00

This very sexy black blouse has a hidden hook between the breast that allows you maximize you cleavage it's at for $59.00 and also comes in white.

These Ocean front distress jeans are too cute $69.00

I love the color of this bag it kinda reminds me of a Jessica Simpson bag get it for $119.00

I love this HOT pink stachel with the Dereon logo's it's $99.00

Remember when your mom wore these well you can get this cute pink romper because they are back in style the only thing that turns me off is the long sleeves with shorts that's a NO NO to me but it's cute so you maybe able to get away with it for $89.00
I love this color check out this Auqa tulip dress for $79.99
This white romper also comes in black I would dress the white down with some flip flops and dress the black up with some pumps either way would be too cute it's $79.00
This satin strapless jumpsuit is also cute this is something I wear to a party or the club it's 74.99
I actual like this jumpsuit better its a all black one shoulder ruffle jumpsuit with the dereon logo above the hip. One shoulder tops are back in since Michelle Obama rocked the one shoulder gown at augruation. Go Obama! oh its 69.99

Summer Sweater Dress with Dereon logo in hot pink $69.99
These pumps just scream "fuck me" just kidding but they are hot patent leather thick ankle strap platform pumps $69.00
Found this beautiful yellow blouse over at the plus size at for $62.00
Hot pink floor length summer dress is a hot trend this summer it's classy, sexy and fierce $59.99
Cute..... $59.99
Time to retire those booty shorts (I know) and settle for a cute pair of bermunda shorts $54.00
This dress is classy and sexy you can wear it to a dinner date or night club $49.99
Dereon logo shirt $24.98

Boy was I surprise when I stumbled over to and actually found some stuff I wouldn't mind ordering Beyonce's clothing line has improved drastically it use to be more urban apparel but now they have cute chic apparel and they also have a plus size section now all she has to do is go down on some of those prices. What do you think? (Comment Below)

"Summer Dresses"

I love the colors on this dress go to $49.00

Target has a special on these this week I found this hot yellow dress for $17.99

If your into the floral print you can order this at for $25.00

This purple summer dress is at for $25.00

Check out this hot pink strapless summer dress at for $25.00

This one shoulder ruffle dress is at for $49.00 sizes: 1x-3x

I found this colorful floral dress at Ross on Germantown Pkwy for $14.99

These long summer dresses are a HOT trend this summer I've seen these dresses everywhere and was so thrilled when I found one under $50.00 because that's about how much I've seen most of them for but today when I went to Ross all of there dresses where under $20.00 so I just had to get one I also saw some at Target and online at .

May 12, 2009

Memphis Designer "Paris Nicole"

"Paris Nicole" is a fashion designer located if Memphis, Tn she specialize in creating unique designs for any occasion her designs are one of a kind in which I love who wants to wear the same stuff everyone else is rocking so patronize your local designers and to see more of her designs including prices and contact information can be found at

May 8, 2009

Do you think Rhinna is a Fashionista?

Rhinna is quite known for being a trendsetter with the punk rock look and with the edgy hairstyles but do you think she is a fashionista?

May 4, 2009

"Celebrity Makeup"

Fashion isn't just about shoes and clothes you have to have the right hairstyle and make-up so I found a tutorial online for the smokey eye theme that Kim Kardashian is famous for the tutorial uses MAC products in which I love there eyeshadows. Enjoy the clip let me know if it worked out for you.

Here's the link:

May 3, 2009

"Celeb Hairstyles"

I've gathered a list of pictures from the rich and famous peep these hairstyles and let me know what you think....

Cassie shaved half of her head but she has one of those faces where she still looks decent I like it.....

chrisitte michelle

Dawn let those extensions go for a more chic look I like..

Monica hair is laid honey....

This is a look I'm going to try alot of celebs are rocking the razor cut bangs

Beyonce rocking the bangs

Kim Kardashian add blonde highlights now she reminds me of J.Lo or Beyonce...

Christina Milian went blonde as well she looks completely different.

I like this look on Halle it's a good mature yet chic look....

I really wish Tira would do something different to her hair this is getting old.

Rhinna has switched it up I like the new look she's someone I can never keep up with as fair as hairstyles.

Trina looks great I never get tired of seeing her....

Fantasia new cut is fierce she has the face to pull this look off not everyone should try

"Sexy Intimates"

Evey girl should have a selection on intimates one of my favorite sites to shop from is Fredricks of Hollywood they have a wide variety of selections and they are also very affordable......Enjoy.....

This aqua blue see through teddy with matching thong is 14.99 it's available in a variety of colors and go up to a extra large.

This sexy lace ribbon teddy is 19.99 at it's also available in a variety of colors if your not feeling the teal.

This beauty here I have in my personal collection it's 19.99 and will drive him WILD!!!