Aug 8, 2014

Alyssa's 1st Day at Kindergarden: Shelby County 2014 School Year Begins

My daughter reached another milestone this week she began kindergarden. Wow! time has flown. It seems like just yesterday I was in pre-term labor. Remarkably, I didn't cry and I owe it all to pre-school. Alyssa going to pre-school really assist in smooth transition from pre-k to kindergarden with Alyssa being the only child I worried about her developing social skills and lacking structure. Before pre-school she would often stay with her grandparents and we all know grandparents allow their precious grandchildren to get away with murder. So I made it my business to get her into preschool when she turned four and let me tell you she learned so much. 

Alyssa's back to school supply list was so different from what I remember using for school. Whatever happened to those fat pencils we had to write with and to my surprise she didn't need a sleeping mat. I vividly remember napping in kindergarden well not for Alyssa. Now they did nap in pre-school but it looks like know naps for kindergarden. I'm going to check with her teacher on Monday to make sure. 

Now because this was a week of firsts. I decided to get Alyssa's hair pressed at Tamara's Beauty Salon on Covington Pike. Alyssa's stylists (Toni) was so patient and accommodating. She was really great with Alyssa and would recommend her to anyone. However by the end of the week Alyssa's ends are back to it's natural state.

I decided to take Alyssa to the main library to get her a library card. This was her first time going and my purpose was to promote reading although she can't as of yet. I still wanted to allow her to check-out a few books to spark a interest hopefully. Nevertheless, she was so occupied with the touch-screen kid friendly computer we never check-out any books. Better luck next time maybe.

Alyssa's first day of school was on a Tuesday because she's in kindergarden. They only had about five come each day of the first week. She was accepted into the sister elementary school of the pre-school which happens to be a optional school that specializes in technology. Her teacher was very nice and told me "Alyssa had a very good first day". I was happy to hear she did well on her first day. 

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