Jul 27, 2014

Great Make-Up Starts with Great Skin-Care: Freeman Facial Peel Off Mask in Cucumber Review.

So I've incorporated a few new beauty items into my skincare routine. I've heard so much about this mask that I couldn't wait to pick it up from my local Walgreens to try it. I got it for about $4.00 and decided to try it for a week to give my honest review about the product. The mask claims to offer a super-cooling quench and peels away impurities the causes the skin to be rough and dull. The mask contains cucumber extract and aloe to soother and moisturize. I've used it four times since I purchased it and I have noticed that my face is smoother and softer and my break-outs have decreased but I'm not completely blown away by the mask. I find it very difficult to apply because it almost feels like glue. I also find that it dries my face completely out so you must follow-up with a moisturizer. When applying it be carefully not to get it in your hair because that can be a pain and also you have to wait at least ten minutes for it to completely dry for you to peel it off. I still like to follow the mask with a final wash of my face to ensure I remove all the product.
Overall, I do like the mask but I'm not completely blown away by it. I do plan to try the Charcoal mask and the blue one (can't thing of the name). I like that it's inexpensive and can be found at your local drugstore (Walgreens, CVS).

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