Jun 10, 2014

Divorced in your 20's


   I found this article on allgroanup.com called "Hello, I'm a Twentysomething and divorced" and thought this would be great topic to chime in on.
     From my personal perspective of getting married at 21 and now going through a divorce at 29. I can agree to the feeling of being the first within your friends to get married. I remember when my husband proposed on Valentines Day although I knew that he would I was so excited to tell my best friends and thought everyone would be so happy for me. I quickly learned that wasn't the case, people couldn't believe I was getting married so young. While most of my friends were getting ready for their second year of college, pledging for sororities and applying for summer internships. I was working a full-time job and planning a wedding. 

  As time past and life happens ultimately our marriage did not make it. So now at 29 when my friends are getting married I'm once again on a different level that many of my friends cannot really relate to. Going through the process of a divorce who gets what. Digesting that the last 10 years of your life has been invested into something that has failed and taking the responsibility for my actions and mistakes. I think the hardest thing is telling family and friends that its not working and having to start over not to mention how expensive and difficult the process can be especially when you have children involved. 
     I however remain optimistic about the future. I look forward to healing and taking out so much needed me time to reflect, build my spirit and to grow. My focus now my child and to make sure this divorce affects her as little as possible (you would be surprised how much children really know whats going on). Working on me physically, mentally and spiritually. I think this is very important to be selfish and get "me" together. ( I will write a separate blog post about how I let myself go during this marriage). It's important that I don't allow this divorce to taint my views and perspective of men, it's important that I learn from my mistakes but I refuse to allow them to alter my character forgiving and most importantly LET GO. 

Jun 9, 2014

Weekend Roundup June 6-8

Lately it's been raining every evening. I mean thunderstorms and tornado warnings so carrying a umbrella has been a must for these past few days but that didn't stop me from having a awesome weekend. Friday right before my shift ended at work it began to pour from the heavens. I did not carry my umbrella and I parked very far from the front door. So by the time I reached my vehicle I was soaking wet. 
But I didn't let the rain stop my weekend plans. I ended up going to Rafferty's and ordered the Hot Fingers Plate and Sweet Tea (they have the best sweet tea) then we left and headed to see Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise (very good). From there we picked up ice cream and enjoyed each others company for the remainder of the night. I must say finding someone who genuinely loves you and understands you is the most precious thing ever.

I decided to dress sexy for my date night just to keep things fresh and remind him and myself that I still had it.....lol...
I purchased this dress last year online at a boutique the outfit of the night video can be found on my Youtube Channel.

The next day I hung out with my Mom and Aunt. Alyssa's cousins also joined us for pizza. We went to a local favorite Broadway Pizza and ordered a large Pepperoni and Sausage Pizza.
After we had lunch my mom and I decided to stop at the store to purchase some wine. I purchased me and my mom a bottle of Moscato, which we mistakenly push the cork into the bottle and had to Youtube how to get a cork out of a wine bottle (thank God for Youtube). There was this neat little bag trick we did to get the cork out.
I feel so jazzy drinking my wine from my Olivia Pope inspired wine glasses that I purchased from Tj Maxx (I think). Plus I love the sweetness of the Moscato wine very yummy and smooth.

Sunday I had to work, and I wasn't prepared for how busy it was. Typically Sundays are relaxed but this wasn't the case. I came home and enjoyed some time with my daughter she went for a light swim in her inflatable pool. I have found this pool to be a good investment for my little one. She absolutes loves the water and this pool allows her to get comfortable so when she takes swimming lessons she's halfway there. Last year I purchased the same pool from Walmart but after her birthday party the pool got a hole in it and we threw it away. So this year I decided to buy the same pool from Amazon.com because of its price and size and I can honestly say I've gotten every dime out of it. 
Later Sunday evening we sat on the porch and reach into our creative sides and painted. I had left over paint from Alyssa's Solar project and didn't want it to dry up so we painted pictures. 

Afterwards we ate dinner and I washed her hair using the Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Shampoo and Conditioner

Is it just me or is it a battle to wash your child's hair. My daughter absolutes hates any water to touch her face so its a full fledge struggle but we survived mother and daughter intact.

Lastly before I went to bed I cleaned my make-up brushes (another chore) I used Dove Soap and warm water to clean them.

Jun 7, 2014

Shea Moisture Sheer Foundation Review

So I saw this foundation on instagram and decided to pick it up at my local Target. The Shea Moisture line is a cosmetic line that caters to African American skin tone. There were a variety of shades and products available and the prices are affordable. This foundation was $14.99 and I was in the search of another drugstore foundation. I choose the color Yasuni Honey which was the best match to my skin color (I'm a NW45 or 7.0 Mac MatchMasters) I've worn this foundation several times so I could give my honest review about it and honestly. It doesn't work for me. Lets go through the pro's and con's.


1. Affordable
2. Provides light to medium coverage but can build up to a semi full coverage with concealer
3. Provides a dewy look (if thats they look you like)
4. Can be conveniently found at Target


1. Product separates (although I shook it very well it still came out runny and watery)
2. Shifts across my face ( you have to set this with a powder)

My final conclusion that this is not a foundation that is suitable for me and the type skin I have. I like full coverage foundations that provides a matte finish. The dewy look isn't for me.

Jun 5, 2014


   Last month I was given the opportunity to review a crop top and skirt set from eShakti.com. I featured this look on my Youtube Channel as a Memorial Day Inspired OOTD. I choose this set because of the nautical blue strips and the navy blue skirt. The set really put me in the mind of a "pin up" style and really appealed to me. When I received the set I was impressed with the quality of the material and the ability to customize your items to your liking. The skirt I received has pockets in which you can choose to have removed. eShakti also allows you to tailor the length of your skirt to your desired length or add or remove sleeves. Now because I am a plus-size girl I love the fact that eShakti caters to sizes 0-36w.

Crop top & Skirt: c/o eShakti.com
Shoes: Gifted
Necklace and Sunglasses: Ebay.com

Jun 3, 2014

May Favorites

    I decided it would be fun to share a list of items that I used excessively in May. As usual when the Spring and Summer like temperatures hit, I change-up my foundation routine. I tend to go for the "less is more" when it comes to the quantity of products I use on my face since I have very oily skin. My new foundation routine is really simple and light weight which is perfect for summer.  

1. Urban Decay Naked Palette: When I first purchased this palette I thought it was a complete waste of money but it has became my favorite eye-shadow palette my favorite colors are Naked, Half Baked, Toasted and Sin (for eye ducts).  I honestly reach for this palette daily.

2. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter Pressed Powder Opal: This highlighter adds a beautiful glow to your cheek bones, tear ducts or wear it as a eye shadow. I find that if I apply it under my foundation it looks better on my skin.

3.Red Cherry Eyelashes #43: I have always struggled with applying eyelashes typically I would purchase the Ardell lashes but I decided to order a lot of six from ebay.com I love love love these lashes.

4. Nars Blush Orgasm: A long time favorite a top seller beautiful on all skin types but especially women of color.

5. MAC Pro Longwear Concealer NW40: My holy grail full coverage concealer love it.

6. MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Dark: The perfect powder and coverage for my summer foundation routine. 

7.Buxom Lipgloss Sarina: The perfect shimmer lipgloss to go over the perfect nude lipstick. This lipgloss smells like mints and tingles on your lips. (May not be for everyone)

8. Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser: I really like this product it's similar to Benefit's Porefessional but a third of the price. If you have large pores it helps to reduce the look of them when you are wearing make-up.

9. Mac Enchanted Lipstick Aquatic Alluring Collection: My near perfect nude lipstick (I'm still on the hunt for the perfect nude for my skintone) .

10. Alien by Thierry Mugler: I absolute love this fragrance it has such a distinctive smell that is unlike any other perfume I own or have smelled. The fragrance is very intoxicating and I receive so many compliments on it. I find my self using it for daytime events as well as nights.

I know black women typically don't tan but we can achieve a radiant glow. To achieve this glow I use the above products.

11. Vaseline Cocoa Butter: I don't use a lot but it gives me a nice luster.

12. MAC To The Beach Body Oil: I found this at the CCO in Allen Texas. I really wished I purchased two. It gives me the perfect glow with a hint of bronzing shimmer.

13. Pure Paradise Body Lotion: I use this mostly to work everything in and to distribute it evenly plus is smells like great.

14. L.A. Colors sent me their Color Craze Nail Polishes. My absolute favorite color for Summer and Spring is white. Therefore I choose their Energy Source (white) which is a gorgeous alpine white.
Colors Shown (left to right) Energy Source, Flicker, Mint, Atomic, Mega Watt, and Fuel. You can find these at you local K-Mart.

15. The Michealik: I've been on the hunt for the perfect red bag and I found it. I found this gem at Aldo and I'm really impressed with the quality and structure of the bag.  It's similarities to the Celine bag is the icing on the cake since I've been on the wait list for months at Nordstorm's. The zippers on the side adjust to make the hand bag smaller. I love the zipper in the front which allows space for my loose change. In the inside there is another zipper to allow more change and two compartments for cellphones. The handbag has plenty of space for me store all my items. I really love this bag. If you are interested in purchasing it you will have to go into the store it is not available online.  

16. Ipad Mini Handmade Crystal Case: Although it took 50 million years to arrive from China I love the look it gives my iPad. I ordered this beauty from e-bay and took an entire month to arrive. Now I must be honest, it isn't as functional as my other case that has the stand and a cover to prevent scratches but I just love this one better.