Aug 24, 2014

My Woman Cave: Beauty Room, Office & Storage

   My introduction to the Youtube Beauty Community sparked a obsession with all things girly. I found myself getting more into make-up, fashion and home decor. Now three years later I am one of those girls who decided to open her life to the world. 

   My make-up room which is where I film all of my videos started off as a basic unorganized office, it was then converted into a guest bedroom which stayed cluttered with unfolded laundry. Finally I talked my hubby into allowing me to turn it into a beauty-room and the magic began. I must say I am very grateful to have a room to dedicate to all things girly and my daughter loves this room just as much as I do but sometimes I look at it and say really. 

  So this room began with the discovery of my desk which was found at my local Goodwill Store for about $40.00 afterwards I found the idea of storing my shoes in the 9 Cube Storage Unit on Youtube. I thought it would be a great idea to have a wall of shoes and I had been lusting over the Hayworth Vanity for about 2 years when I finally decided to invest in a quality vanity. Everything else sort of fell into place and I was completely obsessed with decorating my beauty room. Fast Forward a year later and I'm still working on the finishing pieces which include taking up this horrendous carpet and tiling the floor, finding a cute and comfortable computer chair, and a nice area rug. I also still lust over the Hayworth Armoire and Lingerie Chest but who knows what the future may hold. 

    So I share this with not my intention to brag but this space allows me to be creative. I personally believe that every woman should have a diva space. Rather that space be in your bathroom, a freshly remodeled kitchen, a craft room, a beautifully landscaped yard or flower bed or just anything that when you are in that space it makes you happy. A space where you can go to allow your creative juices flow. Most importantly a place on zing and a escape from reality. 

Desk: Goodwill
Shoe Storage: Closetmaid 9-Cube Organizer
Vanity: Hayworth Vanity
Vanity Chair: Ghost Chair
Mirror: Purchased at Hobbylobby
Clear Make-Up Drawers: Muji 5 drawer set & 2 drawer set
Lipstick holders: Purchased at Marshalls
3-D Butterflies: Burlington Coat Factory
Crystal Chandelier: Ebay
Eiffel Tower Lamps: Goodwill
Jewelry Armorie: Gifted (old)
Bracelet Holder: Ross
Necklace Holder: Goodwill
Desk Chair: This belongs to my dining room set
Mannequin: Hobby Lobby
3 drawer chest: TJ Maxx
Nail Polish Holder: Ebay
Curtains: HomeGoods 

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