Jul 27, 2014

Weekly Round Up: Visit to Shelby Farms Park and Curtis Givens All White Affair

So after working six straight days my off day finally arrived. I decided to not waste the day in the house and to visit the infamous "sand park" that my daughter always asks to visit. When we arrived I notice how pretty the greenery and trees have started to grow at the newly developed park. I decided to take a seat in the shade while I watched Alyssa play in the sand. It maybe weird but I actually enjoy watching my little one interact with other children it's so interesting to see how they communicate and interact with one another. 

Every year club owner and party promoter Curtis Givens hosts an event filled weekend called the "Can I Live" weekend for his birthday celebration. One of the main events is the "All White Affairs" and to my knowledge he's one of the first to bring that event on a grand scale to Memphis. I went last year with my best friend Kimberly. This year I was invited by a good friend who hadn't never experience it. This year it was hosted at the Esplanade Banquet Center in Cordova and although I like the set-up of the Cadre better than the Esplanade we had a ball. I didn't get many pictures because I was too busy living in the moment but I manage to snap a few before I left home. 

I decided to wear the same dress I wore last year to the event. I wonder if this was a taboo wearing the same dress two years in a row but honestly I didn't care. The reason why I didn't care was because I haven't worn the dress since the event last year. So it has been sitting in my closet, and also every dress that I did want to order sold out before I could make up my mind that I actually wanted it. Nevertheless, I decided to wear again this year plus I'm not that known in Memphis nobody noticed. 

Dress: Curvy and Chic Boutique
Necklace: Ebay (J Crew Inspired)
Earrings : Chanel 
Ring: Makemechic Boutique (purchased locally)

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