Jul 14, 2014

Speaking life into existence: How I changed my life

The power of the tongue or the law of attraction is something I believe in wholeheartedly. Last year after overcoming a very dark time in my life I decided to start a self love journey. During this time I began to pursue spiritual enlightenment. I began writing in details the things I wanted to accomplish and begin to claim those things as well. Every morning I would wake up and speak positive affirmations. Things in my life began to change dramatically first and foremost I went from a being a very negative person to a more positive and optimistic person. I decided I would not allow people to alter and taint who I was. I felt better and was truly happy. People began to notice it as well and I began to attract opportunities that I had been passed over for years. Doors began to open for me, I began to attract the very thing that I exude and that was love and happiness. Again my blogs are from my personal perspective I notice that when I changed my attitude, thoughts and behaviors I notice a major transition in my overall happiness that attracted opportunities and people into my life that I had never encounter before or had been passed over for. Nothing in my life had changed for the exception of my thoughts. So even if you don't believe in the law of attraction, changing your thoughts and attitude about life can never hurt, being happy starts from within. I've learned there isn't anything of monetary value that I can purchase that can make me happy nor can I expect to find it from anyone else. I have to search deep within me and find it for myself. Once that happens you discover your self worth and begin to attract people and opportunities that you deserve. I've always heard that your mate, husband, or partner is often a reflection of you. It's very true we only allow and put up with what we think we're worth...........

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