Jul 27, 2014

The European Wax Center Review

  I decided to visit my local European Wax Center on Poplar Ave. The location which is tucked away in a shopping center but still visible from the road. I was introduced to the wax center through instagram (the power of social media) and was interested initially in a Brazilian wax but couldn't conjure up the nerves to get it done so I decided to take advantage of the complimentary first visit to get my eyebrows waxed.
I reserved an appointment online for my session and showed up a bit early to check out the place. I was warmly greeted and ask if I had a reservation once I got checked in and all my information was confirmed (take your id) I was given a brochure that provides information about obtain prepaid sessions that will save you money if you go regularly it was no pressure but more of a informative pitch. Afterwards I sat in the lobby and waiting patiently for my 5:30 appointment. While waiting, I noticed how busy they were and was glad I made an appointment I also notice that they offer a skincare and cosmetic line of products. After waiting shortly I was called back my esthetician was very nice and walked me through the entire process. At European Wax Center they used a four-step method where they clean and treat the area before waxing, their waxing process does not involve strips so they pull-off the wax itself (pretty neat). I noticed that it was less painful than my normal nail shop waxing and they esthetician was so bubbly that I got so involved in our small talk that the process was over very quickly. Overall, I really enjoyed my experience and told everyone I knew about it and also reserved my next appointment. 
We decided to keep the natural shape of my eyebrows and just clean it up overall I'm impressed.

If you're interested in booking visit www.europeanwaxcenter.com
This is not a sponsored review.

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