May 26, 2013

My Favorite Plus Size Online Stores

So it's is know secret that plus-size shopping is limited. I personally do 95% of my shopping for clothing online. There are quite a few of you who e-mail me and ask me about sizing, delivery times and etc. So I figured I would would compile a list of my favorite online stores and the sizing.


I have been obsessed with this store as of lately. I love the variety of plus-size clothing, they provide chic and trendy items with great quality at a affordable price. The sizing is true to size however, this is a UK store so please look at the UK sizing for it is different from US sizing. I shop under the plus-size link and the normal link but I filter the results to my size. Newlook's normal clothing goes to a size 16/18 and then the provide a plus-size section as well. The delivery timeframe is about 5-8 business days. Not bad at all = )


Asos is another UK online store but they also have a US website. This is where I find all of my sexy bodycon skirts and dresses. Asos has a Curve line that caters strictly to the curvier girls. They have free shipping!!!!! Which I absolutely love and free returns. I have noticed that with their bodycon skirts and dresses they definitely run big for I can fit a 14 in their bodycon skirts and dresses but I am a true size 18. So when ordering always pay attention to the type of material the item is made out of.


Forever21 by far is very affordable and trendy. However their items sell out very fast so if you see something go ahead and get it because it may not be available for long. I find their sizing true to size delivery is average and they have physical stores in the US so you can go inside the store to try their items on (not all stores carry plus-size). Also Forever21 will send new items to the stores before they sell them on the website so if you local Forever21 carries plus-size you will have a heads up before most people.


I recently ordered my anniversary dress from this website and the sizing is true to size with standard delivery. I find myself going back to this website when I want something sexy!!!!

DorothyPerkins reminds me of Ann Taylor or the Loft. They provide more conservative pieces which would be great for work, church or business.




Wetseal now has a juniors plus line. I have found some pieces here mostly leggings.




I recently did a video on Lane Bryant's bra's. I must say hands down they provide some really great quality bras.



I recently did a haul video that included Simplybe. The delivery was standard and the sizing was true to size.

I hope this list helps you with your plus size shopping and gives you more options. If you know of anymore stores please feel free to contact me below. To find my recent haul videos that includes some of the stores listed please subscribe to my Youtube channel at:

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