Sep 9, 2012

Plus-Size Online Shopping

Shopping online is one of my favorite things to do I love the convenience of shopping online however sometimes finding a variety of plus-size stores can be a bit of a hassle so I decided to list some of my favorite stores to shop at online.


I love there curve selection and I love them even better when they have a good sale or promotion going on. This company is based out of the United Kingdom so just make sure you are on the US website when ordering.

2. Forever

Forever 21 has to be the most affordable plus-size store that I know of they have really trendy pieces but purchase them when you see them because they do tend to sale out very quickly

3. Dorothy

Dorothy Perkins offers classic pieces such as the classic pencil skirt great website for classic refine pieces and a few trendy pieces as well.


Newlook is also based out of the UK so be prepared to do a price conversion from pounds to USD however very cute clothing for the plus-size diva from size 18-26.


Nakimuli offers very unique pieces ladies ever been to an event and everyone has the same dress. This hidden gem offers one of a kind selections for plus-size divas.

6. Fashion to

Fashion to Figure is an alternative to Ashley Steward trendy pieces affordable prices.


Plus Size Fix  offers chic and trendy pieces for plus size diva's

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