Jun 18, 2013

How to create Plus-Size Distress Shorts

Distress denim shorts are so trendy and super easy to make. Since there is a shortage in stores supplying them for us plus size diva's. I decided to take manners into my own hands and create these super chic shorts myself. Total damage $2.98........you can't beat that price......enjoy

Step 1: Purchase a pair of vintage non-strech jeans (Levi's) are perfect
Try on jeans and take a marker to mark desired length
Cut a long the mark for desired length 
Take scissors and rub the bottom of shorts to create a frayed look
Wash shorts and wear....enjoy

My Youtube video

1 comment:

Lexie Carter said...

This is such a great idea! I've been trying to find plus size shorts to wear under dresses and this would be perfect and very inexpensive too! Thank you for sharing this.