May 22, 2011

Nikki Minaj ABDC outfit... Vintage Denim Trend....

I didn't get the chance to see Nikki Minaj on ABDC mainly because I don't really care for the show, however I love love love her outfit. First her vintage denim vest is to die for. I really like the vintage denim look and although some people may think denim is played out. I believe it's all in how you wear it and put it together. I also believe that designers and are forecasting this hot trend. Next the crazy leggings they have a whole lot going on and are funky. Now personally anytime I do leggings I normally wear a tunic, just because I don't wanna showcase too much but in Nikki's case her butt is an ASSest so flaunt. She does some simple but large bangles and finally she tops this outfit off with some yellowish-green peep toe cage platforms. Werk!!! FYI (Please just look over that hot mess to the right I tried hard to find a full shot of Nikki alone but couldn't)

Now I've ran across a few hot denim items as of lately this first dress will be available at Alyssa's Closet the first week of June it's a basic denim vintage dress. This dress would be a great summer asset to any fashionista's closet it screams chic to me. I would dress it up with some nice long flowly necklaces and a few bangles I would do a simple earring and some killer pumps.. e-mail me to pre-order sizes Small-Large @ or

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