May 13, 2009

"Summer Dresses"

I love the colors on this dress go to $49.00

Target has a special on these this week I found this hot yellow dress for $17.99

If your into the floral print you can order this at for $25.00

This purple summer dress is at for $25.00

Check out this hot pink strapless summer dress at for $25.00

This one shoulder ruffle dress is at for $49.00 sizes: 1x-3x

I found this colorful floral dress at Ross on Germantown Pkwy for $14.99

These long summer dresses are a HOT trend this summer I've seen these dresses everywhere and was so thrilled when I found one under $50.00 because that's about how much I've seen most of them for but today when I went to Ross all of there dresses where under $20.00 so I just had to get one I also saw some at Target and online at .

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